Adult Career Development


A Career Transition can be a challenging time in your life, filled with anxiety and uncertainty.

It may be the result of a job loss or perhaps the decision was made to make a change because you are just not happy in your current circumstances.

You may be returning to work after being out of the workplace for a while, or you may be seeking to start a career in an entirely new field.

You may just simply want to find more fulfilling work. Whatever the case, it is not an easy time and there are so many things to consider and decisions to be made.

Career Counseling is an invaluable resource for individuals who are struggling with a career transition. If you are at a time in your life where you are making a career change, we can help make the transition less difficult by offering aptitude testing and a variety of career assessments that will help you learn more about yourself and what your natural abilities are. Self awareness is extremely important in making significant career decisions.

We use a whole-person approach in counseling, taking into consideration your natural abilities, occupational interests, passions, career values and motivators, as well as previous work experience and skills that you’ve developed.

Our assessments will help you discover your unique strengths and personality traits that impact career happiness and job satisfaction. Finding a fulfilling career that provides you with meaningful work is important and leads to career success and happiness in life.  See a sample of our assessments below.


People who use their strengths  everyday are more engaged in their work?

Nearly half of all Americans would leave their current job for a more ideal job even if it meant less pay?

More than half of those in the workforce feel unfulfilled in their job?


Identify your natural ability patterns that are unique to you.

Clarify your interests, career values, and personality traits that impact career success and happiness.

Determine your life purpose and incorporate your natural abilities, passions, values, and skills to find a career that is a best-fit for who you truly are.


Most people think they know what they‘re good at. They are usually wrong. More often, people know
what they’re not good at – and even then, more people are wrong than right. ~Peter F. Drucker

The First Step in making important career decisions is self-awareness.

Through Aptitude Testing and Career Assessments, we can help you identify your own unique pattern of natural abilities and special gifts.  We will help you to clarify your occupational interests and values and find out what motivates you.  We begin our counseling with a narrative interview  and then offer a number of assessments to help uncover your strengths and define your passions and career values, motivators, and interests. 

 These assessment tools will help you learn more about yourself and who you truly are. Everyone is unique and we will work with you individually to make sure you are armed with the knowledge and information you need in order to make the best decisions and discover a career that is a best-fit for you!  

Recent College Graduates
(Career Launchers)

Are you a recent college graduate with no idea what you want to do?

Unfortunately a large number of graduates actually don’t know what they want to do once they have completed their college degree. ​

It is also very common for graduates to begin their careers only to discover that they are not happy with the career choice they  made.

If you are a recent graduate still trying to decide on a career choice or you are a career launcher realizing that you’re not happy with the choice you’ve made, we can help you find a career that will bring you job satisfaction and career happiness by helping you to discover your natural abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and greater clarification of your interests, values, and motivators.

We’ll use a variety of career assessments to help you gain the knowledge and awareness you need in order to make those important career decisions and move forward with confidence!  See a sample of our assessments below. 


Have you recently retired or are you planning to retire soon and are considering an “Encore Career?”  

Whether it is because of financial concerns, boredom, or you are simply excited about the opportunity to tackle a new career chapter, many people today are considering a “Second Act” career.

If you are undecided about what you want to do with this next chapter of your life, we can help you gain some clarity about potential options while helping you discover what your natural abilities are as well as discuss personality traits, skills, interests, values and career motivators.

We will assess the work that you have done in your previous work life as well as the skills and knowledge  that you have acquired.

Armed with this greater knowledge of your own personal strengths and interests, we can help you make the transition into a career that will be a best-fit for the new lifestyle that you are seeking.  See a sample of our assessments below. 


Military personnel face unique challenges when transitioning to civilian life.

One of the biggest challenges is trying to choose a career that you will be excited about that will bring you fulfillment and satisfaction.

We can help you make these important career decisions by arming you with the proper guidance and information about yourself that will result in a career choice that is the right fit for who you are.

Using a variety of career assessments, we will help you to identify your natural abilities and clarify your interests, values and career motivators. We will discuss the training and skills that you have already developed and then show you how to incorporate them into your career decisions.   See a sample of our assessments below. 


The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is an assessment used to determine your aptitudes. It is the gold standard in aptitude testing and is effective in assessing your natural abilities and strengths.


The MBTI® is a well-known and trusted instrument used to identify personality preferences. The results show you where you prefer to focus your energy, how you take in information and make decisions, and how you deal with the outside world.


One of the most widely used career assessments by colleges and universities in the world, the Strong Interest Inventory® is especially useful in choosing college majors and making good career choices.


The CliftonStrengths® and the VIA Character Strengths assessments will help you discover the essence of who you are. Your top five Strengths in each of these assessments are your Signature Strengths and are fundamental to who you are.


One of the most widely used personality profile systems in the world today, DISC is a behavioral assessment tool that measures four fundamental personality traits:  Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). The resulting combination of traits from the assessment reveal an individual’s DISC Profile.