What our clients are saying

“Yvonne’s services have been invaluable. As a homeschool family we often miss out on the career counseling services provided at regular schools, but not anymore.

Yvonne has done extensive work with three of my children. She opened up my oldest child to many different career ideas and helped me guide him into a field that he’s well-suited for, according to his abilities.

My second child received affirmation for the field he had already grown to love. My third child is still exploring her options.

I consider Yvonne to be our school counselor as she has helped with the paperwork necessary to enroll the kids in programs that train them in their chosen fields.

I look forward to having my two youngest tested for their abilities and interests when they are a bit older and will definitely be returning to Yvonne for her excellent services.”  Mom of Five Kids

“After finishing my neuroscience degree, I was completely at a loss for what to do. I started tutoring to make ends meet, but I knew that was not a permanent solution for me.

At Yvonne’s suggestion I took the Highlands Ability Battery and Strong Interest Inventory, and this pointed me towards a career in medicine.

I wasn’t so sure about this, but after I started working in a hospital emergency department I realized it was exactly the energy I was looking for. I recently graduated from medical school and I plan on working as an emergency medicine physician.

Thanks for all your help! Your advice really made a difference for me!” ~ Resident Physician

Its not the days in your life, but the life in your days that counts. ~ Brian White